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Celtic Cross

From the Pastor

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

On this first day of summer we pause to give thanks for the gift of creation. This past week Pope Francis released His long awaited encyclical on the environment. As Christians, we are called to be caretakers of the Earth and its resources. In the coming weeks I invite you to read the encyclical so that we can reflect together on the important work of being wise stewards of God’s Creation.

On your way into Church this morning you may have noticed the large Celtic Cross in the Bride’s Garden by the Bell tower. The Cross is copy of Muirdach’s High Cross from the Abbey of Monasterboice, County Louth, Ireland. The Cross dates from the 9th /10th century of the Celtic Church. The carvings on the Cross portray the Crucified Christ on the side facing east and the Christ of Revelation on the western side. The Circle through the crossbeam represents Creation and the Cross itself Salvation, the two are inextricably linked in Celtic Christianity.

This Wednesday, June 24th, is our annual prayer garden Mass in remembrance of all of our benefactors and their families. Mass begins at 7pm in the Bride’s Garden and the Celtic Cross will be blessed and dedicated at that time. Please come and bring a chair and a friend. A light Reception will follow in the Narthex of the Church.

May the Lord bless and strengthen all of our fathers. Happy Fathers’ Day!

In Christ,

Fr. Thomas

Religious Education

Registration for 2016-2017 Religious Education Year

Registration information and forms are now available for the upcoming Religious Education school year (2016-2017)

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Confirmation Dates for 2015

October 17th: Students of St. Bartholomew School and Religious Education Session III

October 24th: Relitious Education sessions I and II

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